Theres nothing more fun than having a client who gives all freedom to create a concept and find the perfect place to make it happen


Bohemian Night at Restaurante del Lago - Chapultepec - Mexico City

Concept and Set Design, Logo and invitations, interactive DVD | designers: Marina G. Anaya and Pilar González

Retro dinner wrapped in an atmosphere on Mexico City in the 50's

Audio and images were selected from an private archive.


Corporate TV Party | Salón 21

Set design  | designers: Marina G. Anaya and Pilar González

Salon 21 has a huge light box bar, the goal was to recreate the effect of the TV bars, adding some christmas atmosphere.

Gypsy Dinner Party | Mexico City

Concept, stage design, logo and invitations | designers: Marina G. Anaya and Pilar González

All this recharged atmosphere was to create a huge Gypsy tent with a central set to run a show of Belly Dancers, Tablado, Flamenco dancers and singers.


Cuban Party at Salón Los Angeles | Mexico City

Event design: concept and set design, Logo and invitations | designers: Marina G. Anaya and Pilar González

This Habana Dancing Club concept was a special party for a television company who gave us all the technical support to create just what we wanted. This event took place in an iconic dancing place in Mexico City the Salon Los Angeles. For us the party started in the creative process where choosing the best and pure cuban music, best cuban food and pure cuban drinks... was also part of our job.